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Vicino ai giovani moldavi, contro il regime comunista di Voronin

Third day of protests in Chisinau. Crowds expected to gather after 10:00h
de Radu Rizea HotNews.ro
Miercuri, 8 aprilie 2009, 10:17 English | Regional Europe

The capital of Moldova enters the third day of street protests. The participants in the revolt are expected to resume the gathering around 10:00h. Some 30,000 people protested on Monday and Tuesday accusing electoral frauds committed by the leading Communist Party and demanding a new scrutiny.

Some 200 people were injured on Tuesday during violent confrontations between the protesters and the Police. A woman died asphyxiated in the fore that burst in the Parliament's building. The Police arrested 193 participants in the revolt. During the night, the Army and the Police regained control over the Presidency and Parliament buildings, stormed by the populace on Tuesday.

All throughout Tuesday, the official media refused to broadcast any information about what happens in Chisinau. The roads towards the Capital were closed, the Internet service was suspended and the mobile telephony signal was scrambled in the protests area. The only available information about what happens in Chisinau was published via social networks (Twitter, Facebook), blogs and YouTube.

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